Tuesday, November 28, 2006

Going back to Pacifica

I finally got to go back to Pacifica for the second time. This time Tara, Erik and Brent picked me up with Erik's big truck at the Manzanita parking lot. They loaded my bike and all of my bags as older ladies like me need to clean themselves and put themselves together after doing this downhill and jumping stuff. But fitting all of my belongings was not a major deal since Erik's truck is way bigger than mine.

Our next stop was in San Francisco in Clemente street to pick up Jason. Once Jason and Brent bought 7/11 "delicious" coffee and loaded Jason's bike, we headed to Pacifica for the most fun riding ever! (By the way, delicious is in quotes because Jason says that if you drink enough of that 7/11 coffee you can get used to it and end up enjoying it... oh well... I don't know if I can believe that...).

We started pedaling up, climbing the old hwy and carrying up our heavy bikes up The Crack, we did our fast descend down that trail, but ended up having even more fun going down The Mile and then trying the smaller jumps of Boy Scouts (I think that is the name of that last trail). We did Boys Scout twice, so I got to do some jumps I missed the first time I went down on that trail.

Click below to see some awesome jumping pictures I took of these super awesome riders that don't mind bringing with them this older werid lady... By the way, Brent was doing all kind of jumps, even the double jumps!! even though this was only his second time on a bike!

Click here for the pictures link

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