Thursday, December 14, 2006

Singletrack Minds

Last Sunday December 10th a bunch of mountain biker friends got together to ride the Headlands to then watch an awesome film produced by Jason and Wendy, Singletrack Minds, about the political battle between bikers and non-bikers for singletrack use in Marin County.

The 15 Headland riders were: Becky, Julie, Joe, Julio, Lisa, Chris, Steve, Mike, Erik, Lorna, Cowboy, Wendy, Jason, Allie and Celia.

14 other friends(most of them riders as well) joined the group to enjoy yummy potluck dinner and watch the movie. They were: Nancy, Marty, Dannie, Leslie, Shanti, Nancy V., Steve J., Tom, Dolores, Michael, Rene, Joey, Amy and Sally, the love of my life.

Click on this link to view all the pictures Becky, Joe and Sally sent me.

If you want to check out the ride stats and even download it to Google Earth just click on the map below.

Map of Singletrack Minds Ride

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