Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Welcoming Allie with Tamarancho & Other Fun Trails

Last Sunday, 11 of us gathered at the Java Hut parking lot in Fairfax for a very fun ride to welcome Allie who just moved to Novato from Michigan. The welcoming group included Amy, Becky, Wendy, Julio, Steve, Mike, Devan, Norman and Craig.

We headed to Tamarancho for a half clockwide loop. Before going out to the ridge Becky bailed to go back home. When we hit the fire road, Wendy and Amy bail toward the new trail. The rest of the group headed to Horse Junction where Julio bailed to go back home to his new wife and baby!. The rest of us headed to a super fun downhill trail for one of the most fun descend in the county. Allie not only is a great DHiller but also a strong climber! We then spend some time at the jumps and tracks at the bottom of that super fun trail where Mike, Devan and Steve were showing awesome balance and jumping skills. I didn't get inspired to try any jump until I saw how Allie could do it and encouraged me to try. It is so much fun to have both wheels on air!!! Steve took a picture so I have proof I did it!

After playing on the tracks we headed to the bottom of Loma Alta to try some more ramps and jumps. Mike gave us a good lesson on how bail without braking bones. And finally at White Hills school we spent more time playing on the stairs and benches.

What a fun day! It is so cool to be a kid again!

Click here to see some pictures

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allieallieoxnfre said...

What a great time and fun group of very talented riders! Thanks everyone for the welcome ride and Celia for organizing it!

The stunts and jumps were so cool and I can't believe you climb that stuff on your SS!!!

Celia, you're quite the dirt jumper! You nailed 'em! I'll take you to Sand Hill soon!