Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Santa Cruz Bikes Rock

My love affair with Santa Cruz bikes started in Downieville about 10 years ago when I left my beloved hardtail bike parked at the local bike store Yuba Expeditions and went on my first full suspension ride on a Santa Cruz bike. The minute I sat on that saddle I felt one with that so called Blur bike. She made the trails smoother and so much easier to ride. It felt like cheating rather than real riding.

After that trip, I tested all the full suspension bikes out on the market.  I wanted to select the best bike that would allow me to continue "cheating" on the trails. I went through something very similar to what my single friends go through when they date on-line.  I had so many dates with so many bikes.  None of them did the trick.  I kept longing for that Santa Cruz Blur I left behind in Downieville.

Until finally I tested a Santa Cruz again, and fell in love just like I did months earlier in Downieville. And since then, the only full suspension bikes I ride are Santa Cruz. Their frame design is so perfect, pretty much what I need to do when I ride is to close my eyes and let the bike do her job. And Santa Cruz customer service is also first class.

Last year, I upgraded my Blur XC to a Blur LT Carbon.  Look at her, she is so cute!

And I upgraded my Nomad to a V10 Carbon.  Talk about being sexy and about cheating big time!!!! I can hit anything on this bike.

Both of them together look even better! 

And I also noticed that I gravitate to riding with other Santa Cruz lovers.  Here is a picture of the bikes that you can find on a typical ride organized by me. What a bunch of handsome moutnain bikes.