Monday, July 17, 2006

The 3 Stooges in Washington, California

Friday Juy 7th, Sally and I drove toward Washington not knowing we were going to be hanging out with TV celebrities that weekend. We should have known what was coming upon us right from the beginning when we met up with them to drive together.

Washington is a little town by the South Yuba River located really close to Nevada City. From the Bay Area it usually takes to normal folks no more than 3 hours to drive there, but with the Stooges: Larry, Curly and Mo, it took us 10 hours due to challenges they faced placing their 3 bikes on their car, deciding where to meet along the 80 hwy, stopping to buy groceries, stopping to meet a friend with safety materials for the trip, stopping to pee along the road, etc... For a better idea just rent a couple of DVDs of the Stooges at your local video store.

Finally we arrived to a very nice house by one of the most beautiful sections of the Yuba River. Gorgeous water falls and really nice beaches to rest and swim.

Besides the river, the other attraction of this trip was a mountain bike ride planned by Larry that was supposed to take us 6 hours to complete. I should have warned everybody of the hell of an epic ride Larry wanted to achieve in just one day based on the time it took us to arrive to the house! This ride ended up being about 18 miles of technical (and dangerous with lots of poison oak!) single track along the Yuba River with another 10 miles of fire road climbing in a very hot day of about 100 degrees that made poor Mo bunk really bad...

To have some more female energy I invited Nadine for the ride since she lives nearby Nevada City. Probably this is the last time Nadine will ride with me again... oh well but not only she had the opportunity to meet the Stooges but also Super Mario got out of the video games to join us on the ride. To learn about the ride and the rest of the trip through the captions of the pictures, click here

And to view the stats (distance, elevation, feet climbed, etc.) click below:

Map of South Yuba Trail