Wednesday, November 22, 2006

First Time in Pacifica with Eric

About a month ago, I finally got organized to take on Eric's offer to ride Pacifica. I invited my friend Dana and Tara to join us so the four of us met at Manzanita in Mill Valley, loaded our free ride bikes on my very sexy blue truck and headed toward one of the most fun trails in the planet! Tara's friend, Parker, was able to meet with us on the trails after a wondering around trying to locate us using our cell phones.

Eric not only showed us some fun technical DH trails, but also his great biking skills followed by Tara's and Parker's. Dana and I, the old fart moms were also showing some skills although being more cautious as bones in this age are a little harder to heal from fractures.

Thank you Eric for showing us Pacifica and that great Mexican burritos place!

Click here for some pictures


Tara said...

I must add that any "old fart mom" that can ride The Crack at Pacifica has some stellar bike skills! Not only did we ride that rail once, but twice...back to back!

I have ridden that place now more than a dozen times since that day, and every time we ride The Crack, I mention how 2 40 yr-old moms hit that trail w/ us!

Celia Graterol said...

I guess that was not bad for the old fart moms.

Let's celebrate old fart hot mamas!