Monday, March 31, 2008

Sunday March 30, China Camp

After a morning Hot Mama ride (click here for pictures and stories about the last Hot Mama ride) this group gathered around China Camp. From left to right the hotties were: Dan, Steve, Mike, Mario, Joe, Dana, Dolores, Julio, Tom and Eugene. (Celia was taking the picture).

Mario, Joe, Dolores and Tom were skipping the afternoon ride and were heading to Marin Brew Co. for beers and lunch. They rode with us in the morning. Dolores was part of the Hot Mama ride in the morning while some of the boys were doing their own ride waiting for the 2:00 pm ride.

Dan, Mike, Steve, Julio and later on Justin (he was running a bit late and caught up with the boys later on) went for their own fast ride. Dana, Eugene and Celia went for a more relaxed climb and met Julio at the top of China Camp.
We took Eugene through some difficult trails and he was able to ride many of the technical sections. We also saw Jason who was trying to put 20 miles around China Camp. He rode with us for a bit until he had a spill on one of the downhill sections and broke a spoke. But I was able to take a picture of him and Dana before he left.
The rest of the boys joined us at the bottom of one of the downhills (the one where Jason crashed) to then finish up the ride through a fun trail. It was Eugene's first time on that trail, and he enjoyed the challenge! Eugene actually rode the section where Jason crashed! ... okay okay I am giving Jason a hard time :-)

Stay tuned for the next ride on Sunday April 13th at 2:00 pm at China Camp. For more information visit Mike's Bikes website.

Thursday, March 20, 2008

Sunday Coed Rides Resume in Spring 08

Last Sunday March 16th, Chad and Dan were leading the coed Sunday ride sponsored by Mike's Bikes and Mountain Biking Marin. Chad didn't take any pictures so we will have to believe him about who came to the ride:

Justin, Cameron (Justin's friend), Steve (Dana's friend), Cowboy (the fuzzy shorts guy), Kristy (using her brand new full suspension Stuntjumper) and Mike (Chad's friend).

They all had fun I guess and had a great time I hope! I will join next time!

Here is the schedule for the future coed rides, hope to see you there!

Sundays: March 30th; April 13th; April 27th; May 11th, May 25th
Ride levels: beginner and intermediate/advance
Meeting Place: San Pedro Rd by the guard booth
Meeting time: 2:00 pm
Rolling time: 2:30 pm