Monday, June 05, 2006

Friday June 2nd in China Camp

Last Friday Mike and Steve let me tag along to their Friday ride around China Camp and the Dominican side. Although I was riding my heavy Nomad I was able to keep up... although they were waiting for me in every climb. They are just good friends that didn't mind slowing down a little to hang and ride with me.

We started in San Pedro Rd by the Kiosk, climbed to the top of the mountain to proceed to the web of awesome singletracks of the Dominican Side. Mike wiped out in one of the trails and didn't get hurt bladly thanks to his agility. I followed Steve's and Mike's wheels over a nice jump in one of the fireroads and I got some air as well. It feels good. We also explored some trails and found a very interesting downhill famous one M&M. It needs some clean up work and we may be able to ride some sections of it because it has really big jumps. It is hard to believe somebody can ride that! I followed Mike and Steve down a downhill technical descend singletrack I have been wanting to do for years but didn't have the guts to do! Finally I did it and I cleared it. It feels good!

After 3 hours and 20 something miles of singletrack delight we went back to the cars, drove to Marin Brew Co. and had beer while listening to a live band playing in the plaza while married women and children danced all over the place.

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