Saturday, June 10, 2006

Friday June 9th Mt. Tam Delight

A week ago, my friend Dana asked me what good trails we could show off to her honey, Michael, who was going to visit us from Arizona. Michael is one of those hard core downhillers from Team No Brakes, so the challenge to show him something good, fun, and technical was definitely on my shoulders.

Thanks to Mt. Tam, this challenge was easy to overcome. Mt. Tam is a very special mountain, it is not very tall but its surroundings extent in all directions providing a web of gorgeous trail around beautiful lakes. These trails are not only challenging but they also offer spectacular views of Marin, dark pine tree forests and tricky rocky sections.
-- Don't worry, Dana we can show him the Mt. Tam Delight loop.
-- That sounds great Celia, said Dana, Michael will love that loop.
-- okay, I said, but you have to promise me you won't flake this time (FYI, last Friday, Dana flaked on a cool ride we were going to do because some sport store was having its annual sale! Straight girls! What am I going to do with them!?)

My friend Joe decided to drop his Friday ride to come along with us to complete a nice group of 4 riders. At 8:45 am we were pedaling up Elderidge to the top of the mountain and after 5 hours of awesome riding we were drinking beers and having lunch at Iron Springs Brew in Fairfax. I could tell Dana, Michael, and Joe were happy and satisfied with the ride, and of course so was I!!. We just had a blast.

Unfortunately, my Garmin GPS Edge broke last week so I don't have stats available.


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