Monday, June 05, 2006

Sunday June 4 West Marin Technical Delight

Mike, Joe and James were really great companions last Sunday. They went along and rode every downhill trail I wanted to do (I am testing my new Nomad so I have to go down on technical trails to check out this big Vanilla 36 fork). The price to pay though were almost 6,000 ft of climbing on my now 31 lbs Nomad rather than my very light 25 lbs Blur since we were not shuttling like smart dowhillers do.

We started at Tamarancho, and went out to the ridge to have our first semi long stop at horse shoe junction. From there we went down a super fun downhill trail, hit the road to climb back via fire road to go down again but this time on another fun downhill trail. After that, we hit the road back to White Hills and I was able to convince them to climb Gun Shot to the top of Loma Alta to end the ride going down a 3rd downhill fun trail after stopping at the local market for some fuel and by offering them free beers later on at Iron Springs Brew. We ended up doing a really awesome ride!

Ride Crashes:
* Joe and James got some cuts falling on some rocks and bushes
* Mike and Celia wiped out got cuts and scrathes as well (although I was wearing my downhilling protective gear which save me from leaving lots of skin on that big rock!).
* My MotionBased GPS broke during my crash <:-( Back on Iron Springs Brew, we were enjoying our stories, and comparing and counting out cuts and bruises from the ride.. yes we are dorks but Marin trails just rock!

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