Friday, December 22, 2006

Soltice Dec 21st Rainy Ride in the Headlands

On the night of Wed Dec 20th, I called Dolores and Tom to flake on their Solstice ride. After being with the flu for a week I didn't feel like waking up early to ride for the whole day and I didn't want to ruin their ride as I did in the past around the Tahoe area... but that's another story also posted on this blog under Last Weekend Adventure in Tahoe.

I was bummed I didn't have plans to ride on Solstice day but at the same time going to hot yoga the next morning was starting to sound more and more attractive. But when I was going to let go of biking, then I remembered that Dana was organizing a ride starting in Mill Valley around 10:30 am. I called her to confirm and yes! Dana, Sam and Al had plans to ride since Al wanted very badly to test his brand new Nomad.

Because of the rain, we decided to start and end the ride at my house. It was raining so hard I was wishing Dana could go riding with Sam and Al somewhere else and leave me alone so I could go to my hot yoga. But Dana would not let me off the hook.

And it turned out that despite the rain, we had an awesome 2.5 hours ride around the Headlands. It made me so happy that Sam and Al, who I met that day, really enjoyed my favorite trails around this area, including Celia's Ridge Trail, one of the best trail in the Headlands.

After the very wet ride, we all took hot showers... well stinky Dana didn't...and leave the house to go on with our lives. I hope Dana finally took a shower...

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