Friday, January 05, 2007

Calistoga: The Return of the Light

On Saturday December 23rd, Eric S., Dolores and Tom, Allie and Michael (the Michiganders) and Celia headed to Calistoga to meet our ride leader Eric A.D. from the Biking Fools of Calistoga, and do one of the most fun, relaxing, gorgeous, technical, challenging rides I have ever done.

The mountains where Eric A.D took us are just as spectacular as the landscape around the Tahoe area. But I am not writing more about this ride, rather I invite you to read Eric A.D.'s story and view his pictures.

The link below will give you the ride stats and a map you can download even on Google Earth! Enjoy it.
Map of Calistoga: Wild Lilac, Table Rock, Oat Hill & Options

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