Saturday, January 26, 2008

Rainy Friday in the Headlands (Jan 25, 2008)

This year Dana, Kevin, Chad and I haven't been able to ride much. Rain, rain, rain, being without power for days, being sick with a horrible flu, rain, rain, rain, burnt arm, visit to Connecticut, rain, rain, rain, school work, rain, rain, rain, and more rain.

Dana, Kevin, Chad and I were thinking about riding last Friday even though it was going to be raining, steady rain and more rain, rain, rain! And here is what happened:

Chad bailed due to rain, rain, rain, school work and, even though he hasn't admitted it, I know he didn't want to get his new XC bike his wife Leigh gave him for X-mas dirty and muddy.

Poor Dana had to bail not because of the rain, rain, rain but because she burnt her arm with boiling water at work really badly. Dana is a chef and also a great caterer ( and she was moving a big bowl of boiling water in the kitchen that spilled right on top of her arm! She was too much in pain to ride. Below is a picture of her very swollen arm:

Kevin who went back home to Connecticut (yeah I am referring to Kevin the Cunnecticutian, he is back!) and spent the whole month of December without biking, was dying to ride his bike. And I who was sick with the horrible flu for 2 weeks, I was dying to ride as well.

So Kevin and I went for a killer 3 hours ride in the Headlands. We only saw one more rider near Tennessee Valley Beach, everywhere else we went we saw just the mountains, the trails and incredible amounts of water falling down the sky.

Below is a picture of a desserted Muir Beach and two very wet riders.

Here where I am mounting my bike you can appreciate the kind of visibility we had due to really heavy rain.

But after a killer ride, we got home and got hot showers, hot chocolate, yummy meat and potatoes while telling Sally about our adventure.

We were very happy we went out for a quite killer, wet and fun ride!

And below is a picture Kevin sent me of a cool sculpture made of bike wheels and tires he saw in San Rafael at 4th Street. Pretty Awesome!

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