Sunday, January 27, 2008

Last Ride of 2007: Dec 30 China Camp, Remembering those Dry Days

Here I am again remembering when we used to ride in dry weather, and came upon these pictures of my last 2007 ride. It was Sunday Dec 30, 2007 at China Camp.

We were at least 19 people and I believe everybody somehow knew everybody, so it was like a high school alumni reunion. The picture below shows most of the people that showed up. From Left to Right you can see Eddie, Cowboy, Kristy, Joe, me (Celia), Ronda, Lisa, Dana, Lisa's friend Cloude, Lori, Mike and Aaron. Linda was taking the picture! Mario and John were around who knows where, probably didn't hear my call for the group picture. And Chad, Dan, Dolores and Tom, were on their way, they joined later.

We all started to ride together although several rides were happening at the same time: Dana was leading the beginner's Mike's Bikes ride; I was leading the advance one with Chad; Lisa came with Cloude to do their own ride; Joe, Eddie, John and other boys also did their own route; etc... but somehow we managed to start pedaling at the same time and most of us finished together as well. Weird...

At the top of China Camp by the Nike site, Dolores, Tom, Chad and Dan catched up with us. Here is a picture of Dolores being mad at me for not waiting for her at the bottom. Mario, Linda and Lori are also on the picture.

And here is Tom with Mario and Lori managing to be in all the pictures.

I got a nice pictures of the girls Kristy, Dolores, Linda and Lori.

And here is a picture of Dan by the rolling shoots of the Nike site at the top of China Camp:

And here is Dan about to go down on the shoot!

And here is me going down as well, super fun!

In another blog story I will share how I finally managed to control the fear factor and roll down those shoots. Stay tuned!

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clmbgs4goats said...

I forgot we used to have blue sky around here! That was a fun day. Thanks Celia. Can't wait to ride with ya'll again soon!!!