Monday, February 19, 2007

Feb 11th, 2007 Celia's Birthday Headlands Ride

On Sunday February 11th, 13 friends showed up at my house with their bikes to ride with me on my 42nd birthday around the Headlands. Amy, Bill, Mike, Steve, Chris, Tara, Eric, Joe, Julio, Joanmary, Jerry, Nancy and a mysterious rider called Dave...

The age diversity of these group was awesome, from almost 70 to almost 20! Some came with downhill bikes, others with free ride bikes and the rest with cross country bikes. We all got together to ride, play, get safe and enjoy the mountains.

To see all the pictures Joe (thank you Joe for the pictures!), Sally and I took before, during and after the ride and during the dinner party, CLICK HERE and DON'T MISS THE PICTURE CAPTIONS!

Thank you to all of you that stayed for the whole ride! I know I promised an only 2 hours ride and it turned out a 5 hours ride... but only 3 hours were actual pedaling time. The loop was 18 miles with more than 3,700 ft of climbing.

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Anonymous said...

And there was also one single speed biker too!