Wednesday, March 21, 2012

Santa Cruz Bikes Rock

My love affair with Santa Cruz bikes started in Downieville about 10 years ago when I left my beloved hardtail bike parked at the local bike store Yuba Expeditions and went on my first full suspension ride on a Santa Cruz bike. The minute I sat on that saddle I felt one with that so called Blur bike. She made the trails smoother and so much easier to ride. It felt like cheating rather than real riding.

After that trip, I tested all the full suspension bikes out on the market.  I wanted to select the best bike that would allow me to continue "cheating" on the trails. I went through something very similar to what my single friends go through when they date on-line.  I had so many dates with so many bikes.  None of them did the trick.  I kept longing for that Santa Cruz Blur I left behind in Downieville.

Until finally I tested a Santa Cruz again, and fell in love just like I did months earlier in Downieville. And since then, the only full suspension bikes I ride are Santa Cruz. Their frame design is so perfect, pretty much what I need to do when I ride is to close my eyes and let the bike do her job. And Santa Cruz customer service is also first class.

Last year, I upgraded my Blur XC to a Blur LT Carbon.  Look at her, she is so cute!

And I upgraded my Nomad to a V10 Carbon.  Talk about being sexy and about cheating big time!!!! I can hit anything on this bike.

Both of them together look even better! 

And I also noticed that I gravitate to riding with other Santa Cruz lovers.  Here is a picture of the bikes that you can find on a typical ride organized by me. What a bunch of handsome moutnain bikes.



Andy said...

Hey Celia, nice piece! You and your buddies might want to come ride with us some day - we're SCB's brand ambassadors in the UK and organise some pretty special trips in Scotland, and this year we'll be showing them some more of our best kept secret trails. Check us out at p.s. I LOVE MY LITTLE RED LTc TOO!!!

Bill the Butcher said...

The other kind of biker (motor-) here.

Celia said...

Hey Andy, thanks for your post. I will definitely will get in touch with you when I go to the UK. I have never been to Scotland, only England. Red LTc? wow nice color!

Celia said...

Bill, the other kind of bikes must be super fun too. I rode a dirt bike in high school... maybe one of these days I will get to ride it again!

Bradpetehoops said...

I love mountain biking. I use my mountain bike as travel mode going to school as a teacher.

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