Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Bikes & Beans: more than a bike shop, more than a coffee shop

Are you looking for a cool place to hang out and meet other riders, drink coffee while talking about the ride you just did or are planning to do, talk about riding in general, purchase bikes and bike products? I suggest that you visit Bikes & Beans.

I think Justin’s words capture perfectly the spirit of Bikes & Beans: “It is not about what [bike] you ride, is about the experience of where you ride. It doesn’t matter how expensive or cheap your bike is, because what really matters is the experience of the ride.”
Founder and owner, Justin, born and raised in Marin County, a real Marinite! has been in the bike business for over 15 years. Besides a business owner he is a savvy and skillful bike mechanic. Justin raced cross country for two years in the Pro category and currently coaches the Terralinda High School XC Bike Team. As well, Justin is a very creative artist. You can check out some of his art pieces at the store in between bike stands and counters.

On April 2008, Justin opened up Bikes & Beans located on North San Pedro Road near China Camp State Park. Bikes & Beans is not just about buying bike stuff; it is also about spreading the culture of riding and sharing the experience before, during and after the ride.

Bikes & Beans, a life saver, a convenient place for a quick fix. Just 5 minutes away from China Camp State Park, Bikes & Beans is a perfect place to get those last minute things you forgot at home just before your ride: a spare tube to fix your flat, a water bottle, your helmet or gloves.

A great place to get bike staples, including nutrition bars, energy shots, helmets, bike shoes, pedals, tubes, tires, water bottles, cool clothing (cool Sombrio shorts, T-shirts, jerseys), body armors and gloves (661, Specialized), maps, backpacks, bike CD videos, bike books.

Bikes & Beans carries Commencal, Black Market, Surly and Salsa bikes. It supports local bike companies like WTB, Cliffbar, Mountain Biking Marin, and others. The coffee beans are from De La Paz Coffee, a local organic free trade company.

Services. Bikes & Beans offers full bike service including general bike overhauling, brake bleeds, fork and shocks rebuilding, wheel building, etc. You can also place customized bikes and bike parts orders and get your stuff with a guaranteed 2-day turn around.

Park, Rent & Bike. Bikes & Beans is an easy and convenient place to rent bikes. Because of its proximity to China Camp State Park, you can just park, rent & bike, you don’t even need to have a bike rack on your car. Bikes & Beans rents Trek and Marin hardtail, full suspension, and single speed bikes with flat or SPD compatible clip in pedals.
Green building. 90% of the materials used to build and decorate the store are recycled architectural materials. This picture shows a recycled log now used to hold handlebars:

The store has an industrial funky style enriched by art paintings and sculptures of local artists, including Justin’s own work! The first picture at the top you can admire a wall spray paint of Mt. Tam done by local artist John. And here are a couple of Justin's art pieces:

Bikes & Beans
292 N. San Pedro Road
San Rafael, CA 94903

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