Thursday, May 08, 2008

Overdue Farewell to Amy

I just got 2 emails from Amy saying she wishes she could be here to ride with us next Sunday. Actually, everytime I send invitations to local rides or riding blog reports from Marin and the Bay Area, I get emails from Amy now living in Colorado. Yes, my dear friend Amy always sends everyone big hugs and says she misses us and our rides. We miss her too... I was looking at the pictures from past rides and realized we did so many rides with Amy! I am so glad Amy asked me for chain lube some years ago when I was finishing a ride at China Camp with Joe. We actually went for a second ride just to ride with Amy. It was my opportunity to get another hot mama email for my email list!

Here is Amy at her farewell party

And here is Celia and Amy after one of so many rides in China Camp heading toward beers at Marin Brew Co.

Here is Amy and Steve drinking beer after a ride:

And yes, I promise besides the beer drinking we used to ride too. Here are Dolores and Amy somewhere in the mountains:

This picture is from last year's Turkey ride. We were quite a big group when we started:

The same day, from left to ride, this was the reduced group by the end of the Turkey ride: Mario, Celia, Amy, Dave, Lori and Alan.

I hope Amy comes and visit us soon. I miss not having anyone to pick on during the rides. I haven't been able to find a replacement for Amy, and I won't, because she will be always the only Amy.

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amy said...

I am so touched! Thank you Celia for the sweetest tribute. Makes me miss you and the bay area even more.
But....the trails out here do kick ass! Please anyone and everyone, give a call when you are out this way, Moab, Fruita, Crusty Butt, you can either join me here in Boulder for some amazing rides or I will meet you out there somewhere.
Ride On!