Tuesday, October 09, 2007

Mike's Bikes Ride Report for 10/7, China Camp - Ride Leader Dana Beckstoffer

Last Sunday October 7, a group of 5 did the China Camp Front Loop ride. Dana reported that they had a great day out. Sue , Liz , Tracy, Cowboy and Dana showed up for the ride, headed up the trail to the "stunt area" and the BMX jumps where everyone was working hard and did a great job cleaning big stunts, skinnies, ladder drops, ramps, table tops and double jumps and all sort of huge obstacles found in the front loop of China Camp.

I don't know if China Camp has that kind of obstacles, I wasn't there and there are no pictures... so I actually think Dana might be making the story up. But who knows....

Don't miss the next Sunday October 14th ride.
Meeting place: Muir Beach parking lot
Meeting time: 1:30 pm

Rolling time: 2:00 pm
Intermediate/Advance ride
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I hate bikes said...

huge obstacles? what double jumps? I'm out of the loop.

Yvonne said...

Sally keeps telling me about your mountain biking so I thought I should come and check out your site. Looks like you guys have lots of fun. Now you just need to get Sally out there!!

Celia Graterol said...

forget it... there is no way Sally will be into riding... but lots of times she joins for the beers afterwards. That is fun!